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Private Equity Acquisition Update

Our multi-sector private equity partner has has recently acquired 58.3% interest in Health Prime International, made a debt investment in CardioFocus, and purchased 100% of Agility Health. Below are overviews of each acquisition, followed by a more comprehensive look at each investment.

About Agility Health

Agility Health is one of the leading providers of physical rehabilitation services in North America. Established in 1968, Agility Health provides preventative care, occupational rehabilitation, and treatment for patients suffering from orthopedic related disorders, delivering care to over one million patients annually. Download the Acquisition Update below to learn more.


CardioFocus develops innovative products for the treatment of irregular heartbeat referred to as atrial fibrillation (“AF”). HeartLight®, CardioFocus’ main product, is a visually guided laser balloon technology used to treat AF through cardiac ablation. HeartLight® is a more precise, versatile and physician friendly tool compared to other ablation systems. The HeartLight® device has been approved for use in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

Health Prime International

Health Prime International (“HPI”) offers revenue cycle management services as well as electronic healthcare record management, transcription services and practice management services to physicians and other healthcare-related customers in the U.S. HPI’s technology allows physicians and other healthcare professionals to easily comply with the updated standards and be efficiently reimbursed.

Why Healthcare?

Our multi-sector private equity partner's overarching philosophy is to seek to acquire companies with strong, consistent cash flows and proven management teams that operate in recession resilient industries with defined barriers to entry. They have targeted the Healthcare Industry because it demonstrates these fundamental criteria. Read our latest educational article on our Healthcare Strategy to learn more.

*Click the images above to download the documents and learn more.

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