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Investment Portfolio · Series One


Introduction to Series One · Simplicity

Our first generation was simple. Everyone invested their money on day one, and participated equal to their share in every investment.   While the overall strategy was defined, the investment decisions were left to us, and the accounting was simple.


While it was simple, it did not provide the flexibility that some investors desired.   For example, some investors already had large investments in real estate or farmland.  While they wanted to participate in our lending or private equity sleeves, they had to be all in or all out.  Thus the tough choice had to be made to gain additional exposure to real estate or sit out some nice opportunities in other assets. 

Thus Series Two was born.  

Building Plans
Empty Factory
Shorewood Real Estate 
Retail Real Estate Development


Shorewood Real Estate is a now completed ground up development project located in Elmhurst, IL.. The property consists of 42,300 Sq. Ft of land in addition to the vacated Scott Street.   Since getting the property under contract Shorewood has secured Verizon Corporate, Qdoba Corporate, Total Hockey, Pot Belly, and Smashburger.  


Flex Office Industrial Space
We invested in an offering from an experienced real estate manager that looked particularly attractive. RBS took control of the buildings in late 2009 through foreclosure. The first building located in Willowbrook, Illinois is a flex‐ industrial building on 11.4 acres. The second building located in Carol Stream, Illinois is a single story flex‐office building. The building is zoned I – Industrial and is 46% leased to one tenant, a fortune 500 Company. ACS is the largest business processing outsourcing firm in the world. 
Stalks of Wheat

We see an increased role for hard assets in both individual and institutional investment portfolios. Income producing farmland is particularly attractive because it provides current income as well as the other benefits of hard assets. Farmland will benefit from the secular increase in demand for grain, environmental demand for alternative energy, and the impact of globalization. 

Business Meeting
Bronson Lee Partners
Tax Liens


With properties in distress, tax lien sales present a great opportunity to generate maximum rate of returns that are higher than many other investments. A tax lien sale is one of two methodologies used by governmental agencies to collect delinquent taxes owed on real estate and can generate double digit returns.  



Completed Investment


This intriguing trade was created by a motivated Federal Reserve. The Fed, historically, rarely lends outside of the banking system. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, through the TALF, was making loans available to approved end users and can look only to the ABS collateralizing their loans for repayment. Our investors return on capital was the fixed spread between the interest earned on the assets less the interest paid on the loans, similar to the financial structure of a bank. 

House Construction
JSQ Multifamily 1
Multi-family Real Estate Development

JSQ Multi-Family 1 is venture between two experienced real estate firms, Murphy O’Brien and Thompson Thrift Watermark. Includes investments in six different projects:


  1. Villas of Sienna Plantation

  2. Jordan Creek

  3. Barker Cypress


4. Southlands

5. Hurstbourne (sold)

6. Cumberland (sold)

Making Notes

PTMR Capital Partners

Bank Private Equity


We believe that with bargain valuations in the financial sector, the current economic malaise will allow us to pick up distressed bank assets at valuations not seen since the savings and loan crisis.  We plan to do this via IAOF’s investment in a bank private equity fund. 

Business Meeting
Rock Island Capital
Private Equity


Our private equity managers provide management expertise and best practices in order to improve the bottom line of companies within a specific industry, geographic region and/or revenue size.  By concentrating energy and resources on non-public companies with solid bottom lines but lacking in scale, private equity provides potential for extraordinary growth and significant improvement in performance.

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