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Village Park of Palatine, New Growth 2017 Investment

Village Park of Palatine

We have partnered with a Diversified Real Estate Manager to acquire value-add multifamily and office properties in high growth markets while providing investors diversification across 15+ properties that differ by geographic region and property type. Our partner is comprised of an institutionally-trained team that has executed over $5 billion in real estate transactions and has a proven ability to increase top line revenue and operational efficiency at the asset level.

The fund will target opportunities in markets that have demonstrated substantial increases in population and job growth and continue to exhibit attractive long-term demographic indicators, such as Austin, Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston and Raleigh. Additionally, the fund will focus on smaller transactions between $10-40 million where competition is limited and inefficiencies are abundant. To date, the fund has already acquired 5 assets: Trinity Place, Lee Park Towers, Amli at the Medical Center, Cherry Creek Plaza and Village Park of Palatine. We will be invested in each of these 5 assets at the original basis. Details on these assets are available on the Investment Overview Page.

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