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  • Bill Herr

New Growth Series Investment, Sector Private Equity

Investment Overview

A new private equity investment with a New York-based global asset management firm focused on income-producing private equity and real estate. The Private Equity firm provides the portfolio company operators with the strategic planning, managerial insight, and capital needed to achieve growth and profitability.

The Opportunistic Fund is heavy real estate and while this fund has an allocation to real estate, it also provides us access to new asset classes, such as automotive retail and Managed IT services that offer diversification with good risk/return characteristics. They target companies that provide a current and sustainable yield and have the potential to be more resilient to recessions.

Offering Highlights

  • Offering Size $500,000,000

  • Preferred Return 8%

  • Target Annual Distribution 8.7%

  • Total Projected Annual Return 17%+ (see disclosures)

Acquisition Parameters

  • Income-producing, private, middle-market companies

  • Companies with enterprise values: $10m – $150m

  • Typical investment size: $5m – $75m​

Acquisition Criteria

Our acquisition strategy is to primarily acquire controlling interest in portfolio companies that generally meet the following criteria:

  • Current and Sustainable Yield

  • Recession Resilient

  • High Barriers to Entry

  • Proven Operating Partners / Management Teams

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