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Avenir Apartments Implements "Living Green Initiative"

Avenir Apartments in Milwaukee, WI is a Series 2 Investment. The Real Estate Manager has implemented a "Living Green Initiative" which includes:​

  • researching and selecting materials that are high quality and eco-friendly

  • offering easy and convenient ways to recycle and take part in on-site bike share program

  • providing residents with access to daylight and the ability to control heating and cooling systems

  • providing large floor-to-ceiling windows, adding natural daylight and sunshine

  • paying close attention to water conservation

  • transitioning to electronic paperless leases

  • utilizing a revolutionary new high-performance wall system with significant energy-saving insulation

  • placing storm water detention tanks underground to limit strain on the Metropolitan Sewerage system

As of mid-August, Avenir was 93% leased. There are 20 leases expiring at the end of August, and 8 of the residents have renewed. Corporate apartments and residents moving due to job relocation, home purchases and price account for the non-renewal leases.

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