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CS Bolton Carriage, LLC - Capital improvements underway, projected completion Fall 2016

CS Bolton Carriage, LLC is a Growth Series Investments. The following update was provided by the Property Manager:

Interior upgrades to start May 23, 2016 with goal to complete by Fall 2016. Management allowed attrition at the property to drop so vacant units can be upgraded swiftly and expeditiously. Plan to upgrade the model unit in each property and upgrade 15 units per week until 100% of the 420 units are complete..

Carriage Hill - 84% leased, 83% occupied

Completed pilot of interior common area lighting & exterior lighting, and transitioned Time Warner Cable to All-Digital delivering better picture, sound quality, faster internet options and more reliability.

Bolton Estates - 88% leased, 84% occupied

Completed installation of motion detection, solar-powered LED lighting for car port parking as well as LED exterior lighting.

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