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3 Easy Steps to Achieve a High Probability of a Successful Retirement


Most clients are focused on reaching (or maintaining) financial freedom.  We have learned that simplifying the process is more likely to keep you on the Path to Prosperity. Instead of a complicated, detailed analysis, we provide you with:



  • a simple risk number to guide your investments so you won't get in or out of the market at the wrong time;

  • a simple retirement map to keep you or put you back on track;

  • regular stress testing to see if you are positioned to take advantage of market opportunities and/or protected from potential setbacks.


These steps provide a quick easy way to get the ball rolling





Retirement Simplified – Don’t Outlive Your Income


Step One:  Determining Your Risk Number So You Can Get Invested and Stay Invested



What's Your Number?















Note the flows of money into the market at peaks, and out of the market at valleys. This cycle of fear and greed explains that while S&P 500 had averaged 7.8% over 20 years[i] the average investor only achieved a return of 2.1%.  


We have adopted a simple, but effective questionnaire that simplifies your desires for return and risk into one simple number, which we call your risk number. What is your risk number?  Let's find out. 


It only takes a few minutes and once you complete it, the system will automatically send the results back to us and we will review them with you.




Step Two: Your Retirement Map & Putting You on the Path to Prosperity


Your Retirement Map is a powerful tool to help us quickly determine the probability of success for your retirement strategy.


With Retirement Maps we can interactively engineer a retirement strategy that reduces the possibility of outliving your savings, while investing in a portfolio that is not too risky so that you can sleep at night. Lightning fast calculations enable us to show you the impact of various retirement plan assumptions in real time, right before your eyes.  


Though Retirement Maps can be used as a standalone tool, it was built to help us marry your risk questionnaire results and/or your portfolio allocations with retirement goals. With Retirement Maps, we can objectively express whether your retirement goals, risk tolerance and/or existing portfolio have a high probability of success. Retirement Maps provides an opportunity for us to address important questions such as "am I saving enough given my portfolio allocation?" or "is retirement at age 55 possible without additional savings?" or "What would buying a second home do to my retirement goals" or "can I be invested this conservative and still make a retirement by age 60"?



Take control of your financial future and assess whether you're on track to a successful retirement:


Retirement Analysis


If not, we will offer solutions to put you back on the path to prosperity.





Step Three: Keeping You On the Path To Prosperity






across financials markets, commodities, and the world economy.  But what do these events mean for your portfolio and your retirement?

By using cutting edge risk management tools we can help gauge the impact of specific scenarios on your investment portfolio as we aim to keep you on the Path to Prosperity.


We will continue to inform you of how trending macro-events might affect the market, but if you would like to know how an expected or unexpected positive or negative event might specifically affect your portfolio, please feel free to call or email us your portfolio holdings.


You can stress test your holdings yourself as well by clicking on the magnifying glass.





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to get on or stay on the Prosperity Path

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Our mission is empowering people to be invested within the bounds of their risk tolerance so they can get invested and stay invested.


Why is that important? The data shows that most people are invested outside of that tolerance. When the market inevitably pulls back, they sell out, lock in significant losses, and wait until the market "feels safe" to buy back in at the high. We believe this poses the greatest threat to individual wealth, and we're empowering our clients to end that cycle. 






Is your portfolio positioned to take advantage of current opportunities that can propel you further along your path to financial freedom?  Are you aware of the impact of potential hurdles that could get in your way? 

Global events, or the possibility of them, can cause major reverberations


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