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Private Equity Manager's Outlook for the Economy Indicates Growth

The manager of this private equity fund, a Series 1 investment, provided the following update for 4Q16:


The Fund was up 19.3%in the fourth quarter 2016 and up 27.5% for the full year. All three of the fund's

portfolio companies contributed to the strong performance of the Fund. Of note, the investment in

Community One Bancorp (COB) was converted into shares of Capital Bank Financial Corp. (CBF) on

October 26th, the date the acquisition of COB closed.

Since inception, investors in PTMR Capital Partners are up 16.1%on invested capital. This is after all

costs and expenses.


With the new political climate, there has been a fundamental and important change in

the stock market, especially with respect to bank and financial service companies’ future prospects.

The fund manager's outlooks falls into three broad macro themes:

1) Expanding economy

2) Reduced regulation

3) Increase in Mergers and Acquisitions

In addition, micro themes within these three macro themes should add even more impetus for the

three portfolio companies to potentially outperform their benchmarks and offer possible additional

upside for 2017.

Previous Updates:

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